How to refill at Green11

Three easy steps


Bring in any container from home.

If you forget

you can buy reusable containers in our store.


We weigh your container first

to deduct the weight

from your refill.


Pay for your refill and enjoy!

And when you start running low, come back for another refill.

“It’s simple as that!”


Container Tips:

Bring in any container you like!

Reuse your old mason jars, water bottles, or takeaway containers from last night’s Chinese food!

Dish and laundry powders require containers with wide openings, such as boxes or Resealable Bags.

Creams require wide mouth jars with secure lids.

Liquid products like shampoos or dish soaps work well in any container that is suitable for carrying liquids. The refilling limitations are small but the possibilities are endless!

If you choose to wash your containers before refilling, make sure to completely dry them.

Please note we cannot accept liability for any contamination after products have been decanted into customers’ own containers.

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