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“Skipping the need for a new plastic bottle for these products on a large scale could make a huge difference in reducing this waste. We hope to see shops like this show up in neighborhoods around the country. “


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“Green11 encourages consumers to reuse and refill containers to buy everyday personal care, kitchen/home cleaning and laundry products. By doing so, customers are able to save money and the environment — one container at a time.”



  • I was just having a fantasy about finding this kind of store the other day! I soooo wish that we had a refill type station in Utah, but being how conservative this place it I don’t see it happening anytime soon. Wouldn’t it be great to be able to refill food items too? Like mustard and ketchup? One can always dream!Best of luck to you! Fan from Salt Lake City, UT
  • Thank you for being here and bringing more awareness to the neighborhood!  Every time I go into Green 11 I’m greeted with a smile and am engaged with great environmental conversation.  Keep up the good work!  We appreciate you and your mission!Customer from San Francisco
  • Your mission is everything I believe in and am passionate about.  It has been hard to find a store/company that knows about or supports the EWG’s cosmetic database.  Found out about the database ~ 1 year ago during a talk at UCSF, and have been so passionate about this cause ever since.Customer email 2.26.2010
  • I love this idea. Can we buy the refillable containers from you the first time we come in (i.e. do you stock refillable containers)?Customer email 2.17.2010
  • I am very interested in establishing a small storefront in my humble community of Hope, ID.  I recently visited the Yucatan Penn where nearly the entire east shore was covered with plastics.  Am interested in refilling to avoid the need for consumers to purchase plastics.  Are your refilling containers plastic?  Any support or info you can provide would be much appreciated.  Even if the product itself is not necessarily green, if the consumer can buy it in bulk and avoid the container, that is my biggest priority; green products is a plus.Fan from Hope, ID
  • This is such a great idea! I was just thinking today that I simply can’t stomach buying beauty products and tossing all the plastic containers. But I love products. I live in Berkeley and wish, wish, wish you were a little closer to me. Any chance you’ll expand? I think this would do really well in Berkeley. Have you heard of anything comparable in the East Bay?Customer email  9.15.09

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“San Francisco is full of shops selling specialty cosmetics, lotions, creams, soaps, sprays, and all manner of formulations … And nearly all of these products are sold in plastic packaging… Green11, a new kind of shop where all the products are refillable… Green 11’s mission is to get customers to focus on the product over the packaging. Since a lot of people come home and transfer their liquid soaps and lotions into nicer bottles anyway, it makes sense to let them fill their own container from the start and eliminate the throw-away plastic. I dropped by the store in the summer of 2011 to have a look around… “
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