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San Francisco Refill Shop

When you join our Partner Network you join the crusade against plastic waste. We are a collection of like-minded individuals that own and operate Refill Shops nationwide. We know that there is power in numbers and we want to see the “No Landfill” motto enacted everywhere. The more people in the network, the bigger the impact that is had on our environment. When you enter into the network you are provided with the support and resources that you need to make your refill station flourish. By joining you will be able to significantly lower product costumers, one of the many benefits and services offered. For more information contact us online.

San Francisco Refill Shop

The Refill Shop

Buy Sulfate Free Shampoo - Say no to SLS(Sodium Lauryl Sulfate). Fair Trade and Organic Products at Green11 - We only source healthy, eco-conscious and responsible goods. Hypoallergenic Body Care for sensitive skin. Unscented Laundry Detergent - for all our products we offer Green11 has a non scented version. Biodegradable Dish Soap - all of our cleaners are non toxic & safe for grey water systems.

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REFILL : Soap, Shampoo, Laundry and more

San Francisco Refill Shop

Green 11 offers an extensive supply of bulk organic personal care and natural home cleaning products. All of our shampoos and conditioners are sulfate and paraben free. Each of our cleaning supplies are toxin free and biodegradable. Green 11 takes pride in ensuring that the products we sell are safe and sustainable. Come in to see our selection or browse our offerings in our online store. You are now able to purchase selected products in gallon sizes in our online shop. You are now also able to sign up for our new drop off service and place your products in your online order list. The Drop of Service allows you to comfortably shop your products from home - though currently you still need to drop off your empty bottles, and pick them up once they are refilled. You can buy each of our products by the ounce or in bulk. There is no minimum requirement, buy as little as an ounce or stock up your favorite items in gallon sizes. Or if you like with a 5 gallon pail / bucket. Please contact us before to make sure we have enough in stock. Read more about How it works Don’t be afraid to get creative and turn that old Mason jar into your new dish soap container.Reuse your old laundry detergent jug. Or Bring in your reusable porcelain Hand Soap dispenser.If you are in the Bay Area you can find our refill store in San Francisco Noe Valley and the Inner Sunset.


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Green11 Refill Shops

…offer the largest selection of bath, body, home and cleaning products in bulk.

Most of our products are sourced regionally.

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